You have options when it comes to achieving your fleet goals. But having options means tremendous pressure to make the best decisions, with every deal having major consequences. That’s why advanced fleet solutions based on exceptional expertise and experience are so mission-critical. While most commercial aircraft lessors appear to offer similar solutions, Aegis offers what no other can – the unique blend of experience and resources to achieve major results for major airlines.


At Aegis, we understand that airline fleet planning is part of a long-term strategic process. But we also know you need to meet short-term goals. Most of all, we understand that your approach to fleet planning is unique to your airline, giving your current aircraft portfolio, capacity needs and operational goals. So we start by listening, then conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment to come up with the sophisticated fleet transition solutions you need.

Aegis can help you:

  • Align your fleet composition with your airline’s long-term strategic vision
  • Make the most out of your significant capital investment in aircraft
  • Evaluate the impact of new aircraft leases or acquisitions on your operation
  • Create and implement a short- and long-term plan for aircraft phase in and phase out


With our premier industry knowledge and ability to leverage considerable financing and credit opportunities, we’ll work one-on-one with you to architect a sale, leasing or finance solution that aligns with your fleet strategy and operational goals. Whether aircraft sales from inventory, aircraft sourcing, acquisition, lease and finance, or any other requirement, we have the experience to execute winning deals.

Aegis can help your airline:

  • Facilitate investments, arrange financing, and structure leases for aircraft acquisition
  • Negotiate terms on your behalf for any structured deal
  • Arrange for sales or purchases of aircraft that may be subject to operating lease
  • Leverage our partnerships with the world’s leading transportation banks and capital providers


You need solutions at the scale that meets your needs, custom-tailored to address your airline’s distinct concerns, current state and objectives. Aegis specializes in building structured financial solutions that are crafted to meet the typical challenges faced by major airlines around the world, while building in the flexibility to address the specific needs of your unique operation.

Aegis can help build custom-structured solutions based on your:

  • Business strategy, including your risk management challenges and long-range vision
  • Asset acquisition approach, whether purchase, lease or sale leaseback
  • Aircraft delivery needs, including engine selection and technical support
  • Fleet modernization strategy and phase-in/phase-out programs


As a decision-maker for a major airline, it’s vital that you take advantage of all your options. Whether your aim is to reduce debt, raise capital, improve your tax status, or enhance your balance sheet, we offer sale and leaseback solutions that leverage your existing equity to fulfill any number of goals. These solutions can be applied to new or used aircraft and engines, giving you more flexible fleet planning options and greater agility to respond to changing market conditions.

We can structure sale and leaseback solutions that can help your airline:

  • Eliminate exposure to aircraft residual value risk
  • Gain greater control of the tax consequences of your aircraft operations
  • Free up your acquisition budget so you can focus on your core business instead of aircraft ownership
  • Improve your balance sheet with off-balance transactions


If your fleet modernization approach hinges on the quality of direct purchases, you need a highly experienced partner by your side to ensure you get the best deal that meets your financial and operational needs. The Aegis team has negotiated over $1 billion of aircraft acquisitions, and maintains a support staff that can execute on all the vital details and logistics related to both the transaction and the aircraft delivery.

The Aegis team can help your airline:

  • Provide in-depth counsel on your best strategy for aircraft purchasing
  • Negotiate favorable terms with major aircraft manufactures for new purchases
  • Work on your behalf to acquire used aircraft from counter parties with favorable terms
  • Coordinate delivery details, including technical support, livery, interior cabin, or any other needs
  • Ensure all your future maintenance and technical support needs are met for your acquisition