In the highly competitive airline industry, every major carrier is looking for an edge. In the crucial area of aircraft leasing and financing, every deal represents an opportunity to gain an edge. That edge might come in the form of increased capacity, reduced debt, a more modern fleet, improved balance sheet, or any number of important outcomes. When you partner with Aegis, you gain four distinct advantages that come with the potential to benefit your airline in numerous ways.


Aegis is a leading private commercial aircraft lessor with a global reach. Our senior partners have been active participants in the commercial aircraft leasing business since 1997, with a proven track record of transactions that have benefitted many airlines around the world.

Top four reasons your experience with Aegis will be of the highest caliber:

  1. Effective risk management – We’ll help you mitigate the risks inherent in every deal with our rigorous processes and controls, industry expertise and strong credit analysis resources.
  2. Full service platform – Besides the exceptional experience of our senior management, we have an established in-house lease administration and technical team with unmatched expertise.
  3. Broad industry relationship – Leverage our wide-ranging industry relationships, from aircraft manufacturers to financial institutions to technical support.
  4. Strong market intelligence – We’ll help you seize on new commercial aircraft opportunities that we identify by staying abreast of market developments.


The financial strength of your leasing and financing partner will have a direct and lasting impact on your aircraft transactions. Aegis is a financially strong firm, with broad lending resources, and the capital required to serve your needs.

Top four ways your airline will benefit from our financial strength:

  1. Greater opportunities – Our strong balance sheet means we can arrange favorable terms that help you boost profits or cut costs.
  2. Peace of mind – With a robust investment portfolio, you can depend on Aegis to execute and flawlessly complete even the largest of aircraft transactions.
  3. More options – Our substantial credit portfolio means we have established relationships with leading industry lenders, so we provide your airline with more transaction options.
  4. Greater flexibility – Whether you need help introducing a new aircraft type to your fleet, or are looking for an exit strategy, we have the financial strength to adapt to your changing needs


As a major airline, your aircraft financing needs differ from many other operators. Your transactions will often require more sophisticated structures that effectively address your complex challenges, large-scale volume, and formidable goals. Aegis specializes in engineering advanced transaction structures to meet your objectives.

Top four reasons our sophisticated financial offerings work to your advantage:

  1. Large-ticket expertise – Our senior leaders have deep experience in executing well-structured large-ticket leasing, financing and acquisition transactions for your entire fleet.
  2. Specialization – We can engineer specialized financing, such as securitization, off-balance sheet structure and more to meet your unique needs.
  3. Restructuring proficiency – We can assist in restructuring existing leasing transactions, or other types of deals to work in your favor, or adjust to market shifts.
  4. Administration support – The more sophisticated the deal, the greater the need to ensure all the detail are covered, so our support team works tirelessly to ensure all the documentation and requirements are covered.


Optimum fleet modernization hinges on sound and strategic planning. All major airlines face challenges in strategic planning for their fleet, and the more industry-leading minds you have on your team, the greater your chance of success.

Top four ways we can help with your fleet planning strategy:

  1. Strategic planning expertise aligned with fleet needs – Our senior partners will work one-on-one with you to evaluate your fleet requirements and perform capacity gap analysis.
  2. Technical and tactical aircraft consultation – We can help evaluate your fleet needs based on market conditions, technical performance and considerations, economic impact and financial constraints, and other selection criteria.
  3. Capital and long-term vision alignment – We’ll help ensure your fleet composition matches up with your vision, assessing the affects of aircraft acquisition on your airline’s financial position, operating costs, and ability to serve specific routes.
  4. Fleet transitioning guidance – Our senior partner will help you develop a strategic plan that ensures a pace and quality of fleet modernization on par with your goals and objectives.